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I'd rather not complain about DA's new look. I don't think it's so bad. If people are going to leave a marvellous website like DA where artists of all aspirations come together to share their work just because of a new design on their page, it just disappoints me. Art is in the soul of the artist, not just on the page in which they paint their passions on.
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So, despite the fact my MORNING AFTER! series has been my best work since I joined dA, I don't really have much interest in it anymore.

But, I want to allow anyone writer who deeply enjoyed my series to maybe use the idea of a Morning After! theme for drabbles, practice, or just to please others. It'd make me feel like I'm contributing to the world of fellow aspiring authors using fanfictions as their method of practice, much like I have been for the last few years. c:

To sum it up, I'm closing my series, but I'm letting the idea hang in the air for any author who may need a little practice or are inspired to have a similar series. Go fucking nuts. Have fun while you're doing it. c: It'd make me feel honoured for anyone to use the idea I never stayed committed to as much as I'd like. C:

This doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing! In fact, I'm working on a large project right now, and I'm also hanging around the Free! fandom (a little too much) so I'm feeling SOOOOOOO in the mood to try writing my first Free! works. I might even incorporate the Morning After! idea into it, or whatever else. c:

I love you, lovelies ♥ Thanks for hanging around with me solely because of my series, lol. 
Camera Test- Fireworks by ObliviousPsychotics
Camera Test- Fireworks
I figured it was the best time to take a look at the Fireworks scenery mode on my camera, and I got a few good pics. c:
This one's my favourite out of the collection I got.


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Faye A. Dye
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♥ ♠ Call me Faye, Gjilko, or Gji. ♣ ♦

As an artist of sorts, I speak for EVERY ARTIST/WRITER when I say this. It puts me down when I'm doing something I enjoy for people who've requested things from me, whether it's drawing or writing, and someone literally says, "DRAW ME/THIS" and/or "WRITE THIS, BLAH BLAH BLAH". It's absolutely disrespectful, and it gets me SO pissed off when I see it. It doesn't even have to be a request for me and it still pisses me off. We artists aren't machines or slaves; we have feelings, and we'd like a little respect, alright? ♥ Please and thank you.

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